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Standardized olfactory power law exponents

  • Support : Livre
  • Pages : 112 p.
  • Format : 15 x 23 cm
  • Parution : 2002
  • Collection : Sciences
  • ISBN : 2-905965-73-8
  • ISSN : 1637-8210
  • Auteurs : M. Devos, J. Rouault, P. Laffort

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This book provides a homogeneous inventory of weighted and averaged olfactory power law exponents, which are, with the olfactory thresholds, the two parameters governing the human supra-threshold perceived odorous intensity as a function of the concentration of odorants. This is a comprehensive reference for scientists working in academic and industrial chemoreception, zoology, food aroma, perfumery, odorous annoyance, government health regulation and others for whom it is important to measure levels of air-borne chemicals.